F R E E EVENTToday 6pm @theconventphilly This event is for smokers, ex-smokers,…

🚨🚨F R E E 🚨EVENT🚨🚨Today 6pm @theconventphilly
This event is for smokers, ex-smokers, family members of smokers, healthcare workers, or anyone else interested in the most lethal, addictive “legal” substance on the market today! We care about you and want to help you quit! These companies don’t. Here is an example. Early on, the solution to less exposure to their product being directly inhaled in your lungs was the placement of filters in cigarettes. What better way to filter the harmful substances you are breathing in: asbestos filters! Can’t make this shit up!
Join @susurrusdin and myself as we discuss this disgusting industry and the major health problems associated with their product.
Only 35 seats!!!!!

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